Why English @ BAIUST?



1. What is the system or process to get an unofficial transcript for a temporary use? How to withdraw a Transcript before graduation? Can I see my Transcripts/ Grade sheets before graduation??

Unofficial Transcript Issuing Process

For a smooth completion of the aforesaid task the following steps could be considered. 

Step 1.

Student will collect the ‘Service Form’ from CoE office.  (Service Form specimen copy attached)


Step 2.

Filling up the Service Form and get the Clearances from various departments/ paying fees/ charges/ dues.   (Mode of payment - Cheque or Cash to be decided)


Step 3.

After clearance the Service Form will be submitted back to CoE office. Within 7 working days the same office will prepare the Transcript.


Step 4.

Verified Transcript will be issued to Student from CoE office. 

2. What is the policy of Unfair-means in the examinations? What kind of punishment should one expect for Unfair-means in the examinations??



This is for information of all concerned that BAIUST has been following a zero-tolerance policy against any sorts of unfair means in the Examinations.

Students are cautioned hereby to read the Examination rules carefully and adhere to it.  Please note,previously students were penalized (Term-Withdrawal)for violation of suchrules.

This notice is served to build awareness against the Unfair means in the Examinations. 

5. When and how can I get my Graduation Certificate and Transcripts? How to withdraw my Transcripts and Provisional Certificate? What is the process of Transcripts and PVC withdrawing??

    From CoE office-

Student will collect Application Form, and submit it on the same point after properly filling in. Clearance is mandatory.

Requirements: NID copy or Passport copy, 1 copy passport size photograph, Fee payment proof (Tk.1000/- + 1,500/-= 2,500/-

Student will be informed when and where the Transcripts/ Provisional Certificate will be collected from. 

    After receiving Transcripts/Provisional Certificates the previous Documents (SSC/HSC etc.) can be withdrawn from Admission / Registrar office

    Minimum 3-working days required for issuing the same.

8. After graduation what documents should I submit to get my Certificate and Transcripts? What are the documents needed after Graduation to get the Certificate and transcripts??

Please check all the Certificate and Transcripts carefully. Corrections must be done before leaving this office of Controller of Examinations. Any editing, corrections afterwards will not be done without charges and proper documentations.

At the time of Applying for Certificate and Transcripts please attach the following items:

1. One copy of Passport sized photograph.

2. One copy of NID or Birth certificate

 3. Payment slip (Tk. 2500/-)

13. How can I collect my Admit Card? What is the procedure of collecting Admit card??

This is for information of all the students that collecting Admit–card is mandatory to appear in the Examinations.

Students need not to busy with their ‘Admit-Card Clearances’. CoE office will do it for the students centrally. Anyway, the Admit-cards will be delivered from Departments.

Only ‘Defaulter-students’ will get/collect their Forms from their respective departments to clear their dues; and Admit-Cards will be issued there on after all clearances.

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